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BanXcards are copyright protected, store value cards created by BanX, Inc. When creating BanXcards in 1999, our company goal was “through an easily accessible magnetic stripped card provide those without bank accounts essential frequently used financial service at very reasonable costs.” We wanted to put our customers first; making a card that anyone could use and could use almost anywhere. BanXcards operates in the Mastercard networks. Cardholders are given incentive to have their employers deposit their wages on their reloadable BanXcard. The cardholder can then avoid check-cashing fees, have a safe place to keep their funds and have a card to buy groceries and other merchandise with.

The BanXcard is versatile, and has multiple functions and uses. Funds placed on BanXcard can be used to buy merchandise, food, and other services. The BanXcard is good for making ATM withdrawals in the US and abroad, and it also allows the transfer of funds. BanXcard is a reputable and reliable company, and is accepted by numerous businesses, you can even pay your bills with your BanXcard. You can put any amount between $10 and $2500 on your card, and when the source of the deposits are wages that have been directly deposited, this total amount can be increased to $10,000.

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